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Dixon Commercial Real Estate

Dixon Commercial Real Estate

3191 Coral Way, Suite 204 Miami FL 33145

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Dixon Commercial Real Estate 

One of the key factors that makes Dixon Commercial Real Estate both interesting and valuable is that every piece of property and situation is unique and requires a specialized approach.  This is especially true for commercial real estate.  Not only do the products vary tremendously but so does the income potential for different investors.

To be successful your broker needs to understand not only the market, but also the players, and skills needed to take advantage of technology and the most effective methods of marketing to the perfect buyer or finding the ideal property for your needs.


Miami is one of the country’s hottest real estate markets, and we want to help you solve any real estate problem.  Buying, Selling, Leasing, Creative Re-Use Advice, we’re here for you.


15+ years protecting our valued clients from overpaying.  We know how to make sure you only pay your fair share in real estate taxes.


We’ve organized a collection of educational materials over the years of helping our clients, most resources are all free to use.  Or just call us for some sage advice on any real estate matters.