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Empire State Realty Trust

Empire State Realty Trust

111 West 33rd Street New York NY 10120

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Empire State Realty Trust

Our 100% Manhattan and Greater NY Metropolitan market office and retail portfolio was assembled over almost eight decades by legendary real estate sponsors using separate property partnerships. We are newly consolidated into a public REIT. The breadth of our experience is harnessed to our discipline and commitment to achieve success.


Every day, Empire State Realty Trust fulfills our commitment to tenants, brokers, lenders, and investors.

We understand the importance of proper execution over the long term and we fully appreciate our relationships with tenants, brokers, lenders, and investors. From our trophy pre-WWII office buildings in Manhattan and best-in-class suburban office properties… to premier retail locations, we identify potential and create long-term value.

Successful relationships are vital to our competitive advantage and longevity. We know that the right property, properly located, capitalized correctly, leased, and well-managed, all comprise the formula for mutually beneficial relationships with superior performance. Our goal is always to create the most productive experience for those with whom we do business.

There is discipline and focus in each decision we make. Property and tenants are our top priorities and we maximize value through financial structure for our investors at each step along the way. We work hard to earn and maintain the trust of tenants, brokers, lenders, and investors… these are the relationships on which Empire State Realty Trust is built.