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Stratus Property Group

Stratus Property Group

675 Seminole Ave NE Suite B1, Atlanta, GA 30307

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Stratus Property Group

Stratus Property Group, LLC is an Atlanta commercial real estate brokerage and development firm focused on North Georgia and surrounding areas. We represent a variety of private individuals, as well as equity firms, banks, and developers in all aspects of their commercial real estate transactions. In addition to our office staff, we are fortunate to have the support of nearly 50 vendors and subcontractors across the state.

However, Stratus is not just a brokerage firm. We pride ourselves as strategic planners and asset managers, and we strive to deliver the best return from all available investment options. Clients value our energetic and novel approach when handling various real estate projects. Our out of the box approach combining analytics, research, advertising, marketing, and customer service gives a much more customized solution than volume brokers will provide. We prefer to act like a partner in the deal, allowing us to adapt our routines to fit the client’s needs rather than adapting the client’s needs to fit us.