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Top Ten Popular States for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real estate is really taking of in these states. Many boasting population booms and job growth within their region of the country. Click on one of these images to learn more regarding investment properties and their locations. Some of the more popular states for commercial Real estate are New York, South Florida, Illinois, California and approx. 5-6 others that have a lot of investment and profit potential.

Best States for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial zoned property for sale is once again heating up across the United States. However, there are some markets where things are heating up faster and is hotter than others. We’ve seen sales surge in this so-called hot market.

With lots of metropolitan areas in the US now reaching new heights, it is challenging to find cheap commercial land for sale. Though relatively inexpensive deals are still possible! Below are a couple of states where you should able to find a deal while things are heating up. The best states for commercial real estate are those with growing populations.

Popular States for Commercial Real Estate investments

Commercial real estate for sale in Texas

The state of Texas is hotter than it ever was before. This time around Austin is outdoing Houston when it comes to the availability of great commercial real estate. The boom is thanks to a lower cost of living, excellent quality of life and an educated workforce. There are over 2 million residents now flocking to Austin and with it comes the need for commercial properties. Investors who allow for time to get all the approvals and have money to pay property taxes will be in a great position in the near future.

Cheap Commercial Land in Florida

Commercial real estate for lease in Florida has increased, and that’s in part thanks to a great deal of foreign investment flowing into Miami. Over $7.5 billion worth of homes were snapped up by foreign buyers, with an average $1 million per home. One big reason for choosing Miami is the tax advantage associated with it. Not to mention the reasonably low price per square foot. South Florida has some great commercial properties worth considering for investors.

Georgia – Another Popular State for Commercial Properties

Atlanta has always been a great market, but it just became better. You have large businesses like Coca Cola, Home Depot and Delta headquartered in Atlanta. However, finding commercial real estate for sale in Georgia on a small budget does take some legwork. Also, now is the time to invest in Atlanta as things are just beginning to heat up thanks to its low cost of living.

The Always Bustling New York

New York is one of the first places where commercial properties start gaining momentum. Long Island in Queens is one of the fast-growing neighborhoods in America that’s thanks to its proximity to affluent Manhattan, lots of transportation options and many new residential projects. There is also talk about Amazon moving its headquarters to Long Island which makes it worth considering. However, it may not be the best budget-friendly option like commercial real estate for lease in Michigan perhaps.

Can’t go Wrong Ohio

Ohio has been growing steadily and as of late Cincinnati has skyrocketed. The super affordable cost of living makes it one of the best places to consider for commercial properties. In terms of pricing, it is right beside commercial real estate for sale in North Carolina or Illinois for that matter.

Budget hunters should also consider commercial real estate for lease in Pennsylvania and commercial real estate for sale in Illinois. Though the timeframe for a significant return is slightly longer.

Popular States for Commercial Real estate

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